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Go with those who know

The MS Expedition has one of the highest ratios of expedition team members to guests – with one expert for every ten guests there is always someone on hand to answer your questions and provide greater insight and appreciation of the world at its extremes. Our expedition team is comprised of professional and highly skilled historians, marine biologists, and naturalists who offer keen insight and a unique personal perspective to each and every adventure

Expedition Team

Susan Adie

Holding a degree in Environmental Science & Education from Cornell, Susan worked with both the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the Department of Parks & Recreation of her native New York before the MS Expedition. A dedication to environmental education led her to found a not-for-profit project that introduces school groups to the remote areas of the world through electronic media. Since becoming an Expedition Leader in 1989, Susan has led over 200 trips among the most exotic locations on Earth. One of our most decorated leaders, she has been recognized by the National Geographic Society, the National Audubon Society and other esteemed organizations. When Susan’s on board, you’re in good hands. Promise

Terence (Scobie) Pye

Terence (Scobie) Pye is a research scientist with a Master of Science degree and decades of research time in the Antarctic. His main scientific interests are focused on the conservation and management of the sub-Antarctic islands, the impact of introduced mammals on these fragile ecosystems, sustainable tourism in the Antarctic and the history of the region. Scobie brings his years of professional experience in the logistical support and safety of polar operations in Antarctica to Explorer's polar operations in the Arctic. In 1978, Scobie was awarded the Fuchs Medal for outstanding service to the British Antarctic Survey

Frank Todd

Frank S. Todd was born and raised in Panama, where he commenced his lifelong passion with wildlife. While a curator at the Los Angeles Zoo, he established one of the world's finest bird collections. At Sea World, Frank successful established a breeding colony of Adelie and Emperor Penguins. A recognized authority on penguins, Frank has been working in Antarctica and the Subantarctic for some 37 seasons. The recipient of prestigious awards, he has published numerous books and articles and is a noted wildlife photographer. Frank is currently the executive director of EcoCepts International and travels the world as a zoological consultant.

Andrea Machacek

Travel has been central to Andrea’s life almost from the very beginning. At age 12, she left her native Austria on a charity mission to aid victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Since then, she’s worked as a flight attendant, studied in Moscow, Paris and Honduras and carved out a career for herself in the travel business as an incentive manager, organizing everything from dragon boat races in Shanghai to dog-sledding in Finland. Oh, and did we mention she’s trekked across South America, scaled the Andes and crossed Iceland on horseback? Yeah, she did that, too. The imposing beauty of Antarctica stirred Andrea’s passion for the polar regions, particularly the plants and wildlife that survive under some of the world’s harshest conditions. Aboard the Expedition, she’s your guide, friend and translator for anything in English, Spanish, French and Russian

Tom Smith

Born into a bilingual family in Quebec, Tom earned his PhD from McGill University’s Marine Sciences Centre on the strength of his pioneering research on the population dynamics of the ringed seal in Canada’s Eastern Arctic. After years working for Canada’s Department of Fisheries and Oceans, he retired from science to devote himself full-time to his environmental consulting firm, which provides planning and logistical support to polar tourism and filmmakers. Tom knows the Arctic intimately; in the winter of 1976, he traversed the 4,200-mile Northwest Passage by snowmobile, and later worked as a researcher at the Norwegian Polar Institute in Svalbard, studying seals, reindeer and walruses. He’s also written a firearms safety manual specific to polar bears, breeds and trains Labrador retrievers, and is in the middle of a six-year study of polar bear interactions with tourist vessels

Alex Cowan

Holding a PhD in Geology from Cambridge (where he specialized in Volcanology), Alex draws upon his many years as a researcher and lecturer to explain climate change and the fascinating landforms travellers encounter aboard the MS Expedition. An avid mountaineer and professional yacht skipper, he spent years climbing and skiing all over Europe, Africa and Greenland, and has extensive sailing experience in both Northern Europe and the Mediterranean. A major hit with travellers last year in Svalbard, he’s at his happiest when sharing his knowledge of natural history and exploring the Antarctic Peninsula

Jeff Wiseman

A graduate of the University of Toronto’s Operatic Performance program, Jeff Wiseman is a multi-faceted individual: recording artist, singer/songwriter, choir director, concert performer and world traveller. His adventures have taken him to Austria, Scotland, South America and Australia. In August of 2009, he spent 10 days camping with the Inuit of Nunavut as they traversed the Arctic tundra gathering their winter food supplies. Wiseman has a boundless enthusiasm for the outdoors, music and adventure. The summer of 2010 will see him take on an exciting new role as a member of the G Adventures Team

Josi Silva

Smiling Josi was born in Curitiba, Brazil and has been working at sea for several years. She started her career in the hotel department on cruise ships such as Island Star and Island Escape and has sailed the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Josi began on the Expedition as a Purser, but quickly rose to the position of Hotel Manager. She has been with MS Expedition since January of this year and managed to not only survive the dreaded Drake Passage but successfully serve her passengers during the crossing. We will see her onboard during the Arctic season until its completion this September