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G Adventures Marine 2018

G Adventures is committed to ensuring the communities our travellers visit get something back in return. Since 1990, we’ve integrated 50 self-sustaining community initiatives into over 180 of our itineraries. ' These projects address local challenges to benefit indigenous people, empower marginalized women, and grant disadvantaged youth access to education, employment, and brighter futures.

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Quark Expeditions Go Beyond 2018-2019

At Quark Expeditions, we know a thing or two about blazing new trails and exploring uncharted waters. Simply said, it’s what we do—and in the polar regions, we’ve been doing it more than anyone else. By focusing exclusively on polar exploration, we not only know how to be flexible, we know how to read the environment and interpret the nuances of nature. This creates more opportunity for you to get maximum engagement with your surroundings, intimate connections with wildlife and the type of isolation you can only get when you venture off the beaten track.

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Silversea Expedition Voyages Calendar 2018

Think outside life on board and live the adventure of your dreams. Travel to the ends of the earth to unchartered territories and explore the immaculate natural world as never before. Experience countries untouched by tourism and discover disparate cultures while travelling along stunningly beautiful shores.

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Variety Cruises 2018

Welcome back to the World of Variety Cruises; your home away from home. 2018 marks our 50th Anniversary-at-Sea and we could not be more proud or excited. In 1949 my father Diogenis Venetopoulos conceived his first on-land travel immersion experience. It was not until 1968 that he broadened his vision off the shores of Greece and into the far horizon of the deep blue Aegean Sea, and beyond.

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Silversea Classic Voyages Calender 2018

Resisting the temptation to build ever-larger vessels, we maintain the sophisticated, club-like environment our cosmopolitan guests appreciate. We make personal pampering our first port of call and our cruises are all-inclusive and luxuriously exclusive.

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Poseidon Expedition Antarctica Arctic 2018 2019

During our 18 years of experience operating in the Polar Regions, we have had the privilege of meeting travelers of all ages who come from all around the world and who have many different interests. Among our travelers, there are those who have visited almost every continent and want to check Antarctica or the Arctic off their bucket list. We meet those who are concerned about global warming and want to know more about conservation in the Polar Regions.

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Ama Waterways Extensive Europe Asia and Afirca 2018

At AmaWaterways, we love what we do — providing our guests with the best travel experiences possible. In fact, “Ama” is derived from the Latin word for “love.” It is a concept that permeates every aspect of our river cruises, from the design of our ships to the development of our itineraries to the high levels of service we deliver to our guests. We always look to innovate, offer exciting new destinations and add extra value for each and every guest who travels with us.

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Oceanwide Expeditions

Taking you closer to the heart of the polar regions has been our driving passion at Oceanwide Expeditions for over twenty years. Our knowledgeable cruise leaders, committed staff, and thoroughly outfitted vessels are our way of expressing what we care about most: making your cruise to the Arctic and Antarctic truly unforgettable. When you sail with us, you experience a part of the world that is unlike any other. Mountainous glaciers, snow-swept shores, whales and polar bears and vast colonies of penguins make up this world, and they are all part of the surreal ecosystem you can watch unfold before you on your future Oceanwide expedition.

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