**Terms and Conditions apply as per shipping company. Valid for new bookings
**Terms and Conditions apply as per shipping company. Valid for new bookings

Luxury Expedition
Silver Cloud - 254 Guests
Classic Antarctic Expedition on the Silver Cloud

Home to so much diverse wildlife, the heart-stopping landscape of Antarctica is made up of steep snow-covered mountains, frigid waters and huge rivers of ice. A team of passionate and expert professionals will accompany you throughout this unforgettable adventure. Zodiac cruises take you to see icebergs, glaciers and wildlife; with walks and hikes ashore to see penguin colonies and seals.




  • Travel along the Antarctic Sound to see tabular icebergs which rise out of the water like giant white-blue blocks
  • Depending on ice conditions, Zodiac cruises and a landing might be possible
  • Explore the Antarctic Peninsula on Zodiac cruises and via landings to see seals and penguin colonies
  • Visit several landing sites and remains of whaling stations in the South Shetland Islands
  • Pass twice through the Drake Passage, a 600-mile wide expanse that marks the convergence of the Atlantic, Pacific and Southern Oceans; an excellent area for whale-watching and pelagic birding
  • Look for albatrosses and Southern Giant Petrels, as well as Cape Petrels, prions and storm-petrels


Rates are listed per person in USD
Start DateEnd DateVista SuiteVeranda SuiteDeluxe Veranda SuiteMedallion SuiteSilver SuiteRoyal SuiteGrand SuiteOwner\'s Suite
Dec 01, 2020Dec 11, 202013,43014,96017,12024,68025,22029,45034,22040,430
Dec 11, 2020Dec 21, 202013,43014,96017,12021,71025,22029,45034,22040,430
Jan 20, 2021Jan 30, 202113,70015,59017,84022,70026,39030,80035,75042,230
Feb 09, 2021Feb 19, 202113,00015,10017,60023,00027,10032,00037,50044,700
Feb 19, 2021Mar 01, 202112,40014,40016,80021,90025,80030,50035,80042,700
Rates are listed per person in USD
Start DateEnd Date(Starting from)
Vista Suite
Silver Suite
Owner\'s Suite
Dec 01, 2020Dec 11, 202013,43025,22040,430
Dec 11, 2020Dec 21, 202013,43025,22040,430
Jan 20, 2021Jan 30, 202113,70026,39042,230
Feb 09, 2021Feb 19, 202113,00027,10044,700
Feb 19, 2021Mar 01, 202112,40025,80042,700


Day 1: Ushuaia, Argentina

At 55 degrees latitude south, Ushuaia (pronounced oo-swy-ah) is closer to the South Pole than to Argentina's northern border with Bolivia. It is the capital and tourism base for Tierra del Fuego, the island at the southernmost tip of Argentina.Although its stark physical beauty is striking, Tierra del Fuego's historical allure is based more on its mythical past than on rugged reality.

Day 2-3:
Drake Passage

The Drake Passage has a notorious reputation for its turbulent seas due to the westerly winds and the funneling effect of the passage. The Antarctic Convergence, a natural boundary where cold polar water flows northward and warmer equatorial water moves southward, is within the Drake Passage. When these two currents meet, nutrients are pushed to the surface, often attracting a multitude of seabirds and whales. Black-browed Albatross, Sooty Shearwaters and White-chinned Petrels glide in the air currents alongside and in the wake of the ship.

Day 4: Antarctic Sound

The Antarctic Sound is a stretch of water named after the first ship to have passed through this body of water from the Bransfield Strait to the Weddell Sea in 1902. The Antarctic eventually sank and crew and scientists had to spend quite some time in this area before they could be rescued. Sites that have to do with this story - like Hope Bay or Paulet Island - are sometimes visited. At Paulet, Hope Bay and Brown Bluff Adelie and Gentoo Penguins breed, as do Kelp Gulls and Cape Petrels, Snow Petrels and Skuas. The Sound’s main attractions are the spectacular tabular icebergs that come from the Larsen Ice Shelf further south.

Day 5-7: Antarctic Peninsula

Remote and otherworldly, Antarctica is irresistible for its spectacular iceberg sculptures and calving glaciers, and for the possibility of up-close encounters with marine mammals and the iconic penguins. The Antarctic Peninsula – the main peninsula closest to South America – has a human history of almost 200 years, with explorers, sealers, whalers, and scientists who have come to work, and eventually intrepid visitors coming to enjoy this pristine and remote wilderness. It is a region of protected bays, unscaled snow-capped mountains, vast glaciers and a few places where whalers or scientists have worked. Just as irresistible are the many Gentoo and Chinstrap Penguin colonies, the seals basking on ice floes, the whales and orcas.

Day 8: South Shetland Islands

Some 770 kilometers (478 miles) south of Cape Horn, the South Shetland Islands are usually the first land seen in Antarctica. Separated from the Antarctic Peninsula by the Bransfield Strait, nine major islands make up the group. The region was the first to be exploited by sealers in the early 19th century, and because of its proximity to South America, it still is the most visited by scientists and tourists. Chinstrap, Adelie, Gentoo and Macaroni Penguins all breed here. In addition, because it is the warmest part of the continent, large moss beds as well as orange, black, grey and green lichens grow –even hair grass and pearlwort manage to survive. Leopard seals, Weddell seals, crabeater seals, Southern elephant seals and Antarctic fur seals can be seen in the water and on the beaches.

Day 9-10: Drake Passage

Day 11: Ushuaia, Argentina - Disembark

Silver Cloud (Luxury Expedition, 254-guests)

As the inaugural ship for Silversea Cruises, Silver Cloud epitomises everything that is Silversea. Designed to provide the most intimate of sailing experiences, a Silver Cloud cruise provides 254 privileged guests with the luxury of space and the ability to slip into exotic ports off the beaten path. Our shining luxury cruise ship is often described by returning guests as their own private yacht, their home away from home.

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  • Included one night pre cruise hotel
  • Included transfers (between airport/hotel and ship)
  • Included charter flight to/ from Ushuaia
  • Included luggage handling
  • Personalised service – the best crew-to-guest ratio in expedition cruising
  • Butler service in every suite and stateroom – all guests are pampered equally
  • Open-seating dining options – dine when and with whomever you please
  • Beverages in-suite and throughout the ship – select wines, premium spirits, specialty coffees and soft drinks, plus your own tailored mini-bar
  • In-suite dining and room service – available 24 hours aboard Silver Explorer, and from 06:00 to 23:00 aboard Silver Galapagos and Silver Discoverer
  • Enrichment lectures by a highly qualified Expeditions Team
  • Guided Zodiac, land and sea tours, and shoreside activities led by the Expeditions Team
  • Gratuities always included in your fare
  • Unlimited Free Wifi


  • 4 Night Pre-cruise: Mysterious Easter Island
  • 3 Night Pre-cruise: Chilean Wine Route
  • 3 Night Pre-cruise: Iguazu Falls

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