Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands

Travel to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands to experience untamed wildlife. Each of these destinations is legendary for abundant marine mammals, exceptional sub-antarctic bird life, spectacular scenery, and fascinating history. King Penguins in South Georgia are not to be missed.

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Montevideo to Ushuaia
Starting in the bustling city of Montevideo, cruise to the historic Falkland Islands while learning about their history and wildlife. Rockhopper penguins will make you laugh at their antics, and Gentoos and Magellanic penguins can be found here as well. Pay tribute to Sir Ernest Shackleton at his gravesite in South Georgia. Learn about the decades of whaling, and enjoy the return of wildlife to this area since then - including 100,000 King penguins, elephant seals and fur seals galore.

Oct 22, 2021
G Expedition
134 guests
22 Days
USD 11,699

Antarctic Expedition
A cruise to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia & the Antarctic Peninsula. Visit some of the most beautiful arrays of wildlife on Earth. This journey will introduce you to at least 6 species of penguin and a whole lot of Antarctic fur seals!

Oct 25, 2021
108 guests
21 Days
USD 12,600

Puerto Madryn to Ushuaia
The sub-Antarctic Falkland Islands/Malvinas and South Georgia are home to some of the most unique and abundant wildlife on earth. With beaches covered in fur seals, elephant seals, and hundreds of thousands of penguins, it's one of the most jaw-dropping nature scenes you will ever experience. We'll also explore the fascinating history of the area, dating back to the grandiose times of the 'Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration' of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Nov 03, 2021
Sea Venture
139 guests
22 Days
USD 18,995

Antarctic Expedition
A cruise to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia & the Antarctic Peninsula. Visit some of the most beautiful arrays of wildlife on Earth. This journey will introduce you to at least 6 species of penguin and a whole lot of Antarctic fur seals!

Nov 06, 2021
170 guests
21 Days
USD 12,600

Antarctica Expedition
The heart of Antarctica beats loudly on this voyage. In a region that is know for being the final frontier, this voyage give you a holistic taste of the continent at end of the world. With our Expedition team to help you on Zodiac cruises, educate you on the plant life, geology, history and very different personalities of each destination, as well as answer any burning questions, this voyage brings off the beaten track a little bit closer.

Nov 10, 2021
Silver Explorer
144 guests
16 Days
USD 18,900

Antarctica Expedition
It's a journey that every traveller has dreamed of making - taking the Strait of Magellan from Patagonia's Punta Arenas to step foot on the Antarctic Peninsula. But first get to grips with South Georgia - said to have more wildlife per square foot than any other destination on the planet. Continue your epic voyage by crossing the Drake Passage for seabird spotting opportunities extraordinaire before arriving in Antarctica proper.

Nov 14, 2021
Silver Cloud
254 guests
16 Days
USD 16,470

Fly and Sail to Antarctica
Travel in the footstep of explorer Ernest Shackleton to the extremes of the Southern Hemisphere! Visit the Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia aboard Magellan Explorer. Enjoy views of spectacular mountains and towering icebergs, and visit extraordinary snowy landscapes and remote penguin rookeries.

Nov 17, 2021
Magellan Explorer
73 guests
17 Days
USD 14,395

Extraordinary landscapes
Little islands with big tales to tell. The South Georgia Islands are teeming with wildlife and exploration history, while the intriguing Falkland Islands are unique, as is the great white wonder of Antarctica

Nov 21, 2021
Scenic Eclipse
228 guests
20 Days
USD 25,167

Antarctic Expedition
Total Solar Eclipse in Antarctica! Don't miss the chance to see one of Earth's most wondrous cosmic events in one of Earth's most fantastic places!

Nov 23, 2021
108 guests
20 Days
USD 16,400

Totality in Antarctica, with South Georgia and Falkland Islands
Total Solar Eclipses are rare in Antarctica, and 16 years ago, a group of Quark Expeditions passengers became the first humans ever to witness a Total Solar Eclipse on the 7th continent. In 2021, we will bring back our special guest expert from the epic 2003 voyage, retired NASA scientist Fred Espenak, to join us on one of two special voyages: Solar Eclipse 2021: Totality in Antarctica, with South Georgia and Falkland Islands.

Designed for eclipse chasers, this itinerary offers the rare opportunity to witness the total eclipse of the sun while also setting foot in Antarctica, as well as a chance to explore the rarely visited sub-Antarctic Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) and South Georgia. During your voyage, you will have the opportunity to participate in talks led by Fred Espenak, known as "Mr. Eclipse," who has participated in 29 eclipse expeditions around the world, while also learn about the region, its wildlife and history, during onboard presentations by our team of polar experts.

On December 4, the day of the Total Solar Eclipse, you will receive a pair of eclipse glasses, and an invitation to a special evening celebration where you can relive your eclipse experience with fellow passengers. The excitement of the voyage continues as your ship then departs for South Georgia and the Falkland Islands, where you will explore regions rich in wildlife and polar history.

Nov 25, 2021
199 guests
20 Days
USD 29,495

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