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  • Date07, 20 Nov 2017
  • Duration15 days
  • Starting From € 5 360.00
  • ShipMS Midnatsol

After an overnight stay at a hotel in Santiago de Chile, you will meet your expedition ship in Punta Arenas. Then the journey south begins as we head into the Chilean fjords with steep mountains, green valleys teeming with life and glaciers as a spectacular backdrop

Across the Drake Passage to Antarctica

If the weather is on our side we might come ashore on Cape Horn before crossing the Drake Passage on our way to Antarctica. Here you will enjoy close encounters with wildlife and glaciers, old whaling stations and relics, meet penguins on shore and watch whales from the deck. Puerto Williams in the Beagle Channel is the back-up alternative if it proves difficult to land on Cape Horn, either southbound or on our way back. On the return there will be another landing in the Chilean fjords before debarkation in Punta Arenas

Departs From
Santiago de Chile

Day 1

The Journey begins

Location:Santiago de Chile

Welcome to Chile and your adventure, starting with an overnight hotel stay in Santiago de Chile

Founded in 1541, Santiago has been the capital city of Chile since colonial times. The city has a downtown core of 19th century neoclassical architecture and winding side-streets, dotted by art deco, neo-gothic, and other styles. Santiago's cityscape is shaped by several stand-alone hills and the fast-flowing Mapocho River, lined by parks such as Parque Forestal. Mountains of the Andes chain can be seen from most points in the city.


Location:Santiago de Chile and Puntas Arenas

Today you will fly to Punta Arenas, where your expedition ship is awaiting you. Once on board the MS Midnatsol we kick off everything with a welcome-on-board dinner

Day 2

Day 3


Location:Chilean fjords/Tierra del Fuego

The next three days we will sail through amazing areas like the Magellan Strait and the Beagle Channel, with channels, fjords and mountains plunging strait into the icy water. The wild and remote area seems almost undisturbed by humans. The ice has scoured its way between the mountains, leaving isolated islands and hidden bays and creating the unique fjord landscape of Chile


Location:Chilean fjords/Tierra del Fuego

Any nature enthusiast will find it exciting to explore the Chilean fjords, Garibaldi fjord being one of them. When we enter the last part of this fjord you're in for a beautiful surprise; the Garibaldi glaciers. The mountains and valleys are steep with snow-capped mountains making a striking contrast to an otherwise very green area rich in wildlife. Come ashore and maybe we will see sea lions, Andean Condors and several other birds only found here. There will be an Argentinean wine tasting in the evening

Day 4

Day 5


Location:Chilean fjords/Tierra del Fuego

At almost 56 degrees south, Cape Horn is the southernmost point of South America. When ranking the mythical places on Earth, Cape Horn is high on the list. Before the Panama Canal, seafarers had to pass this infamous rocky island in order to cross from one side of the Americas to the other. We will do our best to make a landing on Cape Horn – however, this is an area known for high seas and challenging conditions and if we make it this will be a great achievement


Location:The Drake Passage

As we cross the famous Drake Passage on our way to Antarctica, we continue our “Young Explorers Antarctica” classes. There will also be several lectures on popular science topics, the explorer room is buzzing with activity and there is a tango course in the afternoon

Day 6

Day 7-11



It’s not like it hasn’t been a lot of photo opportunities so far on this adventure, but Antarctica is probably where you will use most of your memory card. Come ashore to explore the impressive Antarctic scenery, penguins and seals. From deck there are lots of chances of seeing whales as well. Enjoy close encounters with wildlife and glaciers, old whaling stations and relics. Trust us when we say that you will not be bored for one single second.

Now you are in one of the most remote areas of the world! Weather, wind and ice conditions dictate our programme and schedule. Safety is always the first priority and the captain will decide the final sailing schedule during the voyage.

While in Antarctica, we will attempt to land on several sites. Among the places we will see are The South Shetlands and Cuverville Island, home to one of the largest known colonies of gentoo penguins. We may also explore Neko Harbour, beautifully located in the inner part of Andvord Bay; Paradise Harbour which got its descriptive name from the whalers during the last century; and Wilhelmina Bay or “Whale-mina Bay” as it is called due to its spectacular scenery and humpback whales in December.

During our stay here, you can come ashore and join our expedition team to see the penguins, seals and possibly whales up close; enjoy field days, kayaking and exploring the waters and ice in small boats.


Location:The Drake Passage

After an exhilarating time in Antarctica, you can spend the day in the explorer room, with lectures, on deck or see a recap of our experiences so far

Day 12

Day 13


Location:Cape Horn and Chilean fjords

Seeing Cape Horn again means we are back in civilization. In the Beagle Channel we visit Puerto Williams, a small town between the ocean and the mountain. On our way back to Punta Arenas, we sail through the majestic Chilean fjords


Location:Chilean fjords

We will make one last landing in the Chilean fjords, surrounded by high mountains and glaciers. As this is the last night on board, there will be a farewell dinner and gathering. Arriving in Punta Arenas it is time to say goodbye to all your new friends and the crew. After debarkation we transfer you to the airport for your flight to Santiago de Chile

Day 14

Day 15

Journey home

Location:Punta Arenas / Santiago de Chile

Sadly, every adventure must come to and end. It is time to say goodbye to all your new friends and the crew when we reach Punta Arenas, on the edge of the Strait of Magellan. Your journey home continues with our flight to Santiago de Chile

Punta Arenas / Santiago de Chile


  • Cabin grade of your choice on a full board basis
  • One hotel night in Santiago de Chile before the voyage including breakfast
  • Transfer from hotel to airport in Santiago de Chile
  • Transfer from airport to ship in Punta Arenas
  • Transfer ship to airport in Punta Arenas including orientation tour
  • Return economy flights between Punta Arenas and Santiago de Chile
  • Wind and water resistant jacket
  • Landings with Polarcirkel boats and activities onboard and ashore
  • Professional English speaking Expedition Team that gives lectures as well as accompanying landings and activities
  • Free tea and coffee


  • International flights
  • Travel insurance
  • Luggage handling
  • Optional excursions and gratuities


  • Prices are in € per person
  • All planned landings are subject to weather and ice conditions
  • All itineraries are subject to change
  • Medical questionnaire mandatory
  • Rubber boot rental service on board


Our Expedition Team will prime your knowledge with lectures and talks so that you are as prepared as possible before you set foot on this great white continent. You will learn a lot about biology, geology and ice, but they will also talk about how we can minimise our impact on the fragile environment

While in Antarctica, we will attempt to land on several sites. On land, our Expedition Team will explain what you see and help you to avoid disturbing nature and wildlife. When conditions allow, excursions and activities on land and sea may be offered. Participation on any hike requires a good level of fitness, and that you are accustomed to hiking in uneven terrain

Safety is always the first priority and the captain will decide the final sailing schedule during the voyage. The final itinerary will be introduced during daily briefings

Explorer Voyages Practical Information MS MIDNATSOL

Alcohol Policy

Please remember that only beverages purchased from the ships' restaurants and bars can be consumed on board. Alcoholic beverages purchased in ports-of-call and from our on-board shops will be stored by the ship and delivered to your cabin on the last day of the sailing. According to Norwegian law, persons over the age of 18 are allowed to purchase beer and wine. Spirits are only available to persons over the age of 20 are allowed to purchase spirits

Changes to the itinerary and the excursions

We are sailing in waters where the elements rule, and weather, sea and ice conditions may affect the itinerary. Because of this, the routes and excursions are provisional and subject to change. Excursions may also be subject to minimum/maximum number of participants. We reserve the right to change the itinerary and the content of excursions without prior notice

Charter flight to Ushuaia

The flight from Santiago de Chile to Punta Arenas and the return flight are part of your voyage. The flight from Santiago usually departs early in the morning and the return flight arrives in the afternoon when returning in Santiago. Please note that the airline will confirm the final flight times only a few days prior to the day of departure. For final flight times and your boarding pass, please contact our hospitality desk at the Hotel in Santiago de Chile one day prior. If you do not have an overnight stay at the end of your voyage, please do not book your international flight from Santiago de Chile before 20:00! We are unable to accept responsibility if you miss your return flight in the event of any delay


MS Midnatsol cannot accept children under the age of 5 to travel with us to Antarctica. There is no age restriction on our other destinations. For safety reasons, children under 12 years of age will be individually considered on each landing. It is entirely at the Captain’s discretion to allow children on shore landings


To hear all announcements in the cabin, the TV has to be set to a channel number. Check you cabin folder for the specific channel number once on board. Important updates to our programme and emergency information will be announced in the cabins via separate speakers overriding all other audio in the cabin

Disabled cabins / Mobility

MS Fram is suitable for wheel chair users. Persons in need of special assistance must travel with a companion. Please note that the ship’s gangway will be used in order to embark/disembark wheelchairs. In ports where tidal conditions or other circumstances require use of a portable gangway, or during landings with Polarcirkel Boats, it is not possible to use/take wheelchairs. Embarkation and disembarkation in Kangerlussuaq/Greenland is by Polarcirkel boat and therefore we regret that any voyages starting and ending in Kangerlussuaq are not suitable for wheelchair users

Environment and green navigation

Our Captains take pride in route planning that minimises the load of the engines and reduces emissions. All waste is stored on board until it is deposited for treatment ashore. We never dump waste in the sea and we ask you not to leave any waste when you are on shore excursions. In populated areas there are containers for depositing waste, please use them. We ask you to respect the saying: “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures.”

Expedition team / entertainment / edutainment

The emphasis on board is on discovery and edutainment, and not on commercial entertainment often part of conventional cruises. Our extensive on board programme is designed to suit most passengers and have something for everybody. Our knowledgeable experts cover a wide range of fields, and know how to create interest and make you enthusiastic about their knowledge. On board there will also be a “science laboratory”, where we do field experiments. For example, we may study 3 million years old ice through a microscope or study meteors found on shore, and hear interesting and stimulating lectures on several topics. Our aim is to get you closer to unique environments and to allow you to share the experience with your fellow travellers

Lifesaving equipment, life vests and safety on board

The ship complies with all safety requirements and is a modern vessel suitable for sailing in icy waters. Upon arrival on board all passengers will be instructed in safety procedures, and the use and location of the safety equipment. There is a safety plan on the inside of the cabin door. We stress the importance of becoming acquainted with the ship's safety plan. Special safety regulations will apply on landings with the Polarcirkel boats. Please follow the instructions given by the Expedition Leader and crew/staff. Special lifejackets for use during landings will be handed out to all passengers before first landing. A mandatory briefing regarding the safety guidelines will also be given

Medical Declaration Form

In accordance with Hurtigruten ASA requirements, all travellers to Antarctica and North East Greenland must complete a confidential medical declaration form, signed by a doctor, stating that they are fit to travel. This form will be sent to you well in advance. The form must be filled out, brought on board the ship and personally delivered to the doctor upon embarkation. Boarding may be denied if these forms are not presented at time of embarkation

Medical emergencies and medication

For your safety there is an English-speaking physician and nurse on board at all times. The ship has a small medical facility with the necessary equipment and drugs to handle small emergencies. In the event of a serious emergency, the nearest hospital will be contacted. Medical consultations as well as medicines will be charged to the passenger affected. We strongly recommend carrying sufficient travel/health insurance. If you depend on medication, remember to bring sufficient supplies to last through any unforeseen delays. We also recommend that you keep your medication in your hand luggage properly labelled and with clear instructions for its use. If you depend on vital drugs, please inform the ship’s doctor upon arrival. Illness on board can lead to quarantine and orders from the ship’s physician and captain, must be followed

Mobile phone

Depending on the operator with whom you have a contract, mobile phones will function in some places on shore. Check with your carrier company for details. Guests may use their own GSM telephones on board the ship at all times as long as we have connection at an international price level. The price will vary depending on which mobile operator you use. Please check with your carrier company for rates and if your subscription is valid on the MCP Satellite System on board

Passport and VISA requirements

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the required travel documents you will be asked to provide prior to boarding the ship. It is the sole responsibility of the guest to identify and obtain all required travel documents and have them available when necessary. Passport is the only valid identification for all of our voyages aboard MS Fram. ID-cards are not accepted. The passport needs to be valid for more than six months after you return to your home country. At check-in passports will be collected by the crew on board the vessel, in order to clear immigrations and customs. Passports will be kept throughout the whole voyage and returned at the end of the trip. Please bring a photocopy of the passport with you. It is the guests’ responsibility to identify and to obtain the necessary visas before commencing their cruise. Based on nationality, many countries still require an entry visa. We regret we are unable to accept any liability if you are denied access to a flight or entry into a country or are otherwise affected by difficulties or costs resulting from your passport not being approved or if you have not obtained the required visa or other documentation

Polarcirkel boat landings

These sturdy boats enable both water-based exploration and safe landings in otherwise inaccessible areas. You will need to be fairly agile to board these but there is otherwise no need to worry about travelling in them. The crew will show you what to do and as long as you follow their instructions, after a few days it will become second nature. On all landings in Polarcirkel boats guests are expected to wear proper footwear. In Antarctica it is mandatory to use rubber boots for all landings. For all other destinations boots can be useful. You are welcome to bring private boots, or you can rent a pair on board. Landing operations depend on favourable conditions

Ship’s security

MS Fram complies with the ISPS-regulations (International Ship and Port Security System) where all luggage is subject to X-ray/metal detector inspection upon arrival at port facility or ship. Please keep this is in mind when packing your luggage for the voyage. The ISPS regulations also include hand baggage scan in all ports of call throughout the course of the voyage

Special requests

If you have special requests such as vegetarian, diabetic or gluten free food, please inform us at time of booking and contact the Head Waiter when on board. We will do our best to meet such requests but cannot guarantee to do so and under no circumstance will any such request be accepted by us so as to form part of a contractual agreement


Please check with your General Practitioner regarding the recommended vaccinations for your journey

What to wear

On board dress is informal. Although some passengers choose to change for dinner, the dress code is casual rather than formal. The weather can vary during the course of each voyage or even during the day. To cater for these variations we recommend the layered dress approach that enables you to adapt to changes in temperature, wind and precipitation conditions easily. For all voyages we advise you to take breathable rain and windproof clothing. A warm hat, gloves, scarf and thermal clothing can be useful, together with thermal underwear, during the winter months. On land where it may be icy, sturdy shoes are important for shore excursions and a walking stick/trekking pole may be useful

On board information

MS Fram was specially built for comfortable sailing in the remote waters of the Arctic and Antarctic, and you may enjoy her many services whilst she takes you close to nature and wildlife. No dressing up for dinner – no fuss, no frenzy – our aim is to sail calmly through the crisp clean air, close to the ever-changing environment


To hear all announcements in the cabin, the TV has to be set to a channel number. Check your cabin folder for specific channel number once on board. Important updates to our programme and emergency information will be announced in the cabins via separate speakers overriding all other audio in the cabin


Local artists from the Arctic have contributed to making the MS Fram a modern masterpiece. There is a permanent exhibition of original artefacts from the original Fram used by Nansen and Amundsen

Bar service

The ship has a bar with an excellent selection of spirits, wines, beers and soft drinks at moderate prices, and a lounge with coffee service


There is a wide range of comfortable cabins on board, all with private bathrooms. Please note that check in hours in reception may open before the cabin is ready for use. You will be informed at check-in when your cabin is ready for you. You may expect some noise and vibration in some cabins. This varies depending on the location of your cabin. Also, noise affects people differently and what may be a problem for one person may not be a problem for others. Please note that cabins on deck 5 with passenger access to outside areas may sometimes have an obstructed view due to other passengers walking past. Please ask our reservation team for advice on the best cabin location for you

Cruise card/payment/credit cards

A cruise card will be issued upon arrival on board as part of the check in procedure in accordance with ISPS regulations. All our guests are requested to wear this card when disembarking the ship in all ports of call and landings. The card serves as a control system on the gangway enabling the ship to know which of our guests are on board and ashore at any time. This card, in addition to being the key card for your cabin, is also your payment card on board. The card is the only means of payment for the on board facilities

To activate the cruise card account you must have a Visa, American Express, Diners or Mastercard. The credit card must be valid more than 3 months after your stay on board. We regret that our system does not support Maestro Card. Please note that when using your credit card on board the ship, your account will be debited in NOK. The rate of exchange will be the one validated by your credit card company. The evening before the voyage ends the account will be totalled and settled on board, and a receipt brought to your cabin. We regret that there is no facility for cash withdrawals or currency exchange on board


The plugs in your cabins are all 220V/50hz. Suites have 110V for Shavers. The plugs are continental two pin plugs. Adapters are available for purchase in the shop


The emphasis on board is on relaxation and discovery, and not on commercial entertainment often part of conventional cruises. Our aim is to get you closer to unique environments and to allow you to share the experience with your fellow travellers. Occasionally there may be some musical entertainment on board in the evenings

Fitness room, sauna and Jacuzzi

On deck 7, you find our modern fitness room and comfortable sauna with a fantastic view through panorama windows. Two outdoor Jacuzzis invite you to take a warm bath

Gratuity Policy

We have learned that many of our guests wish to acknowledge the service provided by our crew on board. It is at you discretion to honour service rendered by the crew in bars, restaurant and cabins. In order to give you some guidelines, we recommend 80 NOK (approx 9 Euro, 12 USD) per guest per day as an average gratuity. Whatever amount you decide to give, please fill in the form you will find in your cabin and give it to the receptionist two nights before the end of the cruise. The amount will then be debited to your cruise account

Information and services

On deck 4, you will find our reception and expedition desk, where the staff is available to answer your questions. In this area, you will also find our Internet café, our lobby with wireless access and our lecture rooms


A complementary Explorer jacket can be picked up upon arrival to the vessel


The language on board is English. Announcements, lectures and written information are also given in German


A laundry service is available on board at low cost. No self-service or dry-cleaning is possible


The ship’s experienced lecturers’ have an in-depth knowledge of the areas in which we sail. They will give, on a regular basis, lectures on topics such as biology, history and geology throughout the course of the trip. The lecturing schedule will be announced every day in the on board daily program. Do not hesitate to contact our Expedition Team for any questions or concerns you might have


The ship has a small selection of books on different topics that is available to guests while on board

Observation lounge

MS Fram's observation lounge is called Qilak, meaning “sky” in Greenlandic, and the name of this lounge sets the standard. Here you find large panoramic windows, comfortable seats and binoculars so you can view the wildlife and details of the ever-changing landscape

Outdoor decks

MS Fram has spacious outdoor areas. Enjoy the views from the very front of the ship where there is a large viewing area or from the back on deck 7. Both are perfect vantage points to sit back, relax and watch the world go by


You can hand in your mail in the reception, and for a limited amount covering service fee and stamps, we will forward your mail in every port where it is possible. The time it takes for postcards or other mail to reach the destination varies and may be relatively long. Hurtigruten acccepts no responsibility for lost mail

Resident photographer

Our resident photographer will invite you to photography workshops and practical sessions out on deck to enable you to take the best possible pictures from your voyage

Restaurant & cuisine

Your voyage includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our restaurant is named Imaq – the Greenlandic word for “ocean”, offering scenic views from every table. At the far end of the restaurant is a balcony, an ideal place from where to take photos. The open seating for the breakfast and lunch buffet creates a relaxed atmosphere. Dinner varies between buffets, set meals and barbeques. The type of dinner is announced in the daily programme. Our Head Waiter will assign tables prior to arrival. Information about table number and meal times will be in your cabin upon arrival. Please provide information regarding special requests for seating arrangements to your sales office/travel agent. At some voyages we might serve the dinner divided into Boat groups. Where possible, we plan our menus around seasonal ingredients, taking advantage of local produce to satisfy healthy appetites stimulated by the fresh sea air. Regular coffee/tea is complimentary throughout the whole voyage. Other beverages and refreshments during the day are not included but can be purchased on board in the restaurant, cafeteria and bar

Room service
The cabins are cleaned daily. We regret that meals or drinks cannot be served in the cabins

Rubber boot rentals

On board you may rent a pair of high quality boots for a low cost to wear during landings and hikes. These boots will be kept on the ship’s tender deck, and you will have your private pair during the whole voyage. We also offer high quality binoculars, walking sticks and a small selection of warm thermo suits for rent at a low cost


Seasickness pills are available for purchase in the reception. If you are prone to seasickness it is recommended that you bring pills that you are familiar with. You may also buy “sea bands” on board


In our on board shop you can buy modern clothes suitable for Explorer voyages. Our Expedition Team will be happy to give you expert advice on how to dress properly in polar areas. We offer a great range of both warm and practical clothing, and we focus fabrics with natural fibres. We also offer souvenirs, handicrafts, and postcards at good prices. In addition we also stock a small selection of soap, toothpaste and other personal effects

Shore excursions

A selection of shore excursions is available to pre-book. Where available we will supply you with excursion information in advance, otherwise you will receive full details and prices on board. Excursions and their contents are subject to maximum/minimum number of participants and local weather conditions


You are welcome to smoke in designated areas on outside decks, but not in your cabin or elsewhere on board. To show respect for the environment, please use the provided ashtrays when smoking. Throwing cigarette butts overboard is strictly prohibited. A cleaning charge of 1 500 NOK will be applied for smoking in your non-smoking cabin, to cover for the cost of cleaning linen and curtains to return it to a non-smoking standard

Suite service

As a suite guest on MS Fram, we offer you an exclusive suite check-in area at deck 5 with a chilled glass of champagne to begin your voyage. Special amenities come with our magnificent suites including a welcome on board gift, complimentary beverages for lunch and dinner inclusive of chilled filtered water by the carafe, sodas, soft drinks, beer and a selection of wine by the glass. We also offer an exclusive breakfast area with speciality buffet products. If local products are available, we will do our best to provide them to you. In the suite you will find a kettle for your convenience with coffee, teas, sweeteners and cream, and the mini bar has a complimentary selection upon your arrival. Replenishment of the mini bar is chargeable


All cabins have a telephone. Buy a phone card in the reception to call from the ship. There is an Internet café on board (at extra cost) and Wi-Fi is available on deck 4 (in the reception area only) and in the bar on deck 7. Please note that the connection is a 512MB line and that both Internet and telephones from time to time will be out of range due to the vessel’s location. Due to the limited capacity we kindly ask you not to use live casting /live streaming websites


The tap water in your cabin is potable, but we recommend buying bottled water or our self-produced potable water by the carafe in the restaurant for the quality and freshness

Walking on board

We kindly remind you to be careful walking on board the ship while at sea, especially out on deck, where you should mind the signs warning of wet and slippery decks. Be aware that the doors toward the outer decks on 5, 7 and 8 are potentially dangerous in windy conditions. Please respect signs and announcements advising or warning you not to go outside. While walking inside, hold on to railings but not to doorframes to avoid injury

Welcome meeting/Information meeting

Upon arrival on board, there will be a mandatory passenger safety drill before departure. There will also be a welcome meeting where security information as well as practical information about the cruise will be given, and an opportunity to meet some of the crew and be introduced to the key personnel on board